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Perfect English 101 gives you 101%!

Eliminate all grammar errors and achieve perfect style, to be awarded the recognition you deserve, or convince your clients to accept your proposal.

Thank you very much for expressing interest in the stylistic editing, copy editing, and proofreading services which we provide.

rcsedOur editing is performed from a university and private sector background in clinical health sciences, based on more than 25 years of experience assisting colleagues to improve the expression of their academic and business accomplishments in the written form. The ultimate outcome has been a vastly increased success rate for our customers.

Profound experience has built our expertise in business communications.

Our specialties include:

  • Short to medium length business communications
  • Academic manuscripts in medical, mathematical, and related scientific fields
  • Résumé and Curriculum Vitae polishing, and cover letters
  • Speechwriting and assistance preparing presentations
  • Website content strengthening

Stylistic, substantive, and copy editing are services we perform routinely.

Why Choose Us?

All our work is done in-house, and not delegated to third party readers, such as in large corporate entities, who change positions frequently and lack continuity, as well as being limited in their understanding of complex and nuanced professional language.

inspectionFurthermore, we offer more than just simple grammar and syntax correction; your papers will be edited for fluent English style at the highest international standard of a native English speaker to enhance their lucidity and overall flow to the reader.

Terms & Rates

To be able to quote the correct fees, we need to see the actual text to be edited. All your documents are always received in complete confidentiality.

Depending on the technical nature and fluency of the text submitted, we can then advise you the exact fee, and turnaround time; please contact us.

ExplorateursUpon receipt of a document from you by email, we will promptly verify the document size (by word count) and confirm the correct fee for the job, for your approval, and upon receipt of payment and the signed standard contract, we will immediately commence copy editing and/or proofreading. The preferred payment method is PayPal, or e-transfer, easily accessible worldwide.

Longer documents, over 7500 words (e.g. a graduate thesis, textbook, etc.) attract a discount; please contact us.

scriptorium textAll documents must be received in Microsoft (MS) Word format, and will always be held in strictest confidence. The original and finished manuscripts will only ever be released directly to you, by email.

Unless otherwise specified, we will usually conform to standard spelling of the British/Australian lexicon; the usual alternate style (upon your request) is American spelling.

EcritureDocuments will be edited using Microsoft Word, with a scale corresponding to approximately the normal amount of text on one double-spaced A4 or North American letter-sized page, with normal margins and font size, in accordance with established professional industry standards.

As a condition of our work, you allow us to cite the titles of your scholarly articles, texts, etc., as a generic reference in future, so that we can provide evidence of the high standards of our work. (Exceptions are made for confidential business data.)

HermesWe promise extraordinarily quick turnaround time, although this timing may necessarily vary slightly depending on our overall responsibilities and other duties. We are often able to return your edited paper within 24 hours or less, although 48 hours is our usual goal. Longer papers, such as textbook chapters, will take longer.

GSProf LingPlease always feel free to contact us with questions, if you have a particular job with special requirements.

G Sicuro, Director

Prof Dr Paul Ling, FRCS, Editor