GSdraft 5cL’œuvre bien faite, cela apporte ses propres récompenses spéciales.

From some of our colleagues, whom we have been honoured to help…

flag CanadaRelated imageI have used Dr. Paul Ling’s service quite a number of times for academic and professional publications and have recommended him often to colleagues and students alike. His results are AWESOME. He knows the structure of English language (and more) far more deeply than anyone I know in a personal or professional capacity. In fact, my last paper edited by Dr. Ling was accepted by an academic journal with no revisions: a rare moment indeed. With Dr. Ling editing your work, you will get a depth of results that you will never encounter with any other editor.

– Prof. Dr. Kimberly Maich, Ph.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

flag KoreaGyeongbokgung_03For more than 10 years, I have asked Professor Paul Ling to undertake English proofreading for my journal articles, and also to edit and refine a complete textbook in our clinical surgical specialty. I naturally recommend him to my friends in my field, and they are always completely satisfied with his perfect proofreading services. The main reason and strength is that he can read our minds and written intent, as both a colleague and a fellow clinical specialist himself.

Prof. Dr. Michael Ryoon-ki Hong, Ph.D., Chairman, Chong-A Hospital, Seoul, Korea

flag AusAdelaideThe team at Perfect English 101, under Ms. Sicuro’s direction and with Dr. Ling’s technical and communication skills, are second to none. They are exceptional among our colleagues, and always can tailor our material to communicate with people at an appropriate level, according to their needs; they have cultural sensitivity, and can clarify the intention of any writers accurately, refining their own voices. Based on their academic strengths and exceptional ability to work with people from all backgrounds, I am pleased to recommend them without any reservation whatsoever.

Dr. Timothy Y. A. Goh, L.L.B., University of Adelaide, Australia

flag USANew-York-CityWhen I was applying to postgraduate residency programs, Dr. Ling was instrumental in helping me create a personal statement that was elegant and concise. His editorial approach was extremely effective in that he always challenged me to think from the reader’s point of view and to ask, if I were the reader, whether a sentence would evoke the kind of emotions and thoughts that I hoped to elicit. With this simple approach in mind, I wrote a personal statement that won the heart of the program director and was successfully accepted into a highly competitive residency program in New York City. Dr. Ling’s method was simple and yet effective. Dr. Ling was a mentor, a teacher and a facilitator in the success of my career!

Dr. Tony C. Lin, St. Barnabas Hospital, New York City

flag CanadaCN Tower.jpgDr. Ling and his team have produced the only business plans we’ve ever seen without a single spelling or grammar mistake, all clearly written and to the point, on behalf of his clients. The accounting projections were also perfectly organised. The latest business plan was approved without any further conditions.

M. Kenney, Commercial Banking Division, Royal Bank of Canada

flag UAEDubai-Jumeirah-Beach-WallpaperAt Perfect English 101, Dr. Ling and his team have built a reputation based on reliability and excellence of service. In my experience, their English editing services are second to none and are of the highest quality. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and extremely meticulous, and their work is written effectively. Recommending Professor Ling and his team is an effortless endeavour.

Dr. Ramy Elsayegh, United Arab Emirates

flag CanadaOntario autumnIn my professional opinion, not many possess the same educational background as Dr. Ling and his team, and they would be an excellent asset to any enterprise that requires this kind of writing and editing expertise. They offer extensive knowledge in all areas of sciences, mathematics, history, geography, and language, both English and French. They also have extensive knowledge of the business world, having operated here as well as overseas.

Robert Müller, B.Ed., O.C.T., Halton District School Board, Ontario, Canada

flag HollandHolland-Tulip-Festival-Picture-2Professor Ling has picked up errors that other colleagues have missed. Thanks to the deep understanding of his team, both of business and clinical science, we are able to avoid problems. Their feedback and thoroughness is far more detailed than anything we have ever encountered, for the better.

W. Den Bode, Amsterdam, Netherlands

flag CanadaUofT Convocation HallYour work is incredible! I just finished going through all your comments and making corrections online, and I have to say, I learned a lot grammatically and about APA, too! Thank you so much for your detailed work… I will be sure to recommend you to colleagues, and again, I have some other work for which I will need you in the future! Thank you for everything!

Adam Davies, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

flag BarbadosBarbadosPerfect English 101 is the team to go to, even for colleagues who area already native English speakers. Thanks to their familiarity with different countries, they are able to combine vast scientific knowledge with awareness of local writers’ unique ways of expressing themselves. With other editors, we have been frustrated when they failed to grasp our meaning. Dr. Ling and his team take the time to get it done right.

Dr. V. Armogan, Bridgetown, Barbados

Sarajevoflag bosniaDr. Ling’s work is particularly meticulous. As well as being extremely reliable, he is sensitive to the needs of colleagues, and has gone above and beyond the scope required, with one-on-one assistance.

Prof. Dr. S. Hatibovic-Kofman, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, Canada; Sarajevo University, Bosnia

Union FlagEdinburgh vistaA high standard and experienced, and well regarded. I am very happy to recommend.

Prof. Dr. A. Sandham, Ph.D., The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK

flag germanyMarburgWe are very grateful for the kind help and patient improvements for our business and legal correspondence, since there are very many expressions in English that have no direct equivalent in the German language. Understanding the true meaning of our wording is something that Dr. Ling has taken time to do very carefully.

K. Niermann, V. Grünebaum, M. Badine, Rechtsanwälte, Germany